Welcome to Optimum Wellness Chiropractic

OWC is a privately owned chiropractic office where natural health care, family care, pregnancy, postpartum, and infant care are our main focus. Our goal is to make you feel better and function optimally. Using Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and various other forms of Bodywork as diagnostic tools, Dr. Dara Lynne DaCunha strives for answers and results as soon as possible. 

Gentle enough for newborn babies, effective bodywork for a variety of ailments of all ages.


Melody D.

"Dr. Dara is hands down best in the practice. She has been working with my twins for several weeks and has made huge improvements. She's so incredibly supportive and even attended their tongue tie revision to support and help me. She's been such a blessing to my family!"

Carolyn K.

"Dr Dara is amazing! I've now used her for 2 pregnancies and 2 babies with lip and tongue tie issues. She's fabulous!"

Jennifer H.

"Dara has helped two midwifery clients of mine to have beautiful birth experiences through her chiropractic care. I literally watched her perform a miracle for a client who was doubled over in pain. With Dara's help, in releasing an extremely tight ligament, the client was able to get off the table in very little pain, like magic! Highly recommend!"

Angie B.

"I cannot recommend Dr Dara passionately enough!! She has a way with not only my babies, but my husband too!!! Her practice is gentle and tailored to the needs of the patient -- if you're looking for a full body "snap-crackle-pop" Dr Dara is not for you. She is precise and very targeted in her adjustments and they work!!! The range of motion I have in my neck is incredible thanks to her!"

Mat Y.

"Dr Dara has the most calming and uplifting presence when working with patients. She is not only great with mom and baby but the whole family. I appreciate her honesty more than anything, you never have to worry about her offering care you don't need. Lastly I love that she creates womb to world experience, educating parents on the benefits of Babywearing as a center for Babywearing studies certified educator."

Elizabeth P.

"When we were planning our second baby (vbac), I knew chiropractic care would be essential. Several months before we conceived, I started looking at chiropractors. I interacted with at least five, and Dara was by far the best. She was on my birth team long before my midwives. That second baby was a successful vbac after only 25 minutes of pushing with barely any tearing. I really think Dara’s care made all the difference."