Meet Dr. Dara

Dr. Dara Lynne DaCunha is a professional on pregnancy, 4th trimester, and infant health. Her background as an athlete, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and chiropractor have all contributed to her specialty. She has spoken at conferences and given presentations on the subject to numerous organizations. Her knowledge on the biomechanics of the pregnant and post-baby body have helped many mothers gain confidence as they enter motherhood. 

In addition to her functional knowledge about the body, Dr. Dara also has a plethora of knowledge regarding tethered oral tissues (TOTs) like tongue and lip ties and their connection to whole body wellness. Her personal experiences having her own oral tissues revised contribute to her ability to aid families and patients in their own journeys; from pre-revision advice to post-revision functional exercises and everything in between! 

Be sure to discuss your TOTs with Dr. Dara!

A wife, a mother to two children, a doula, and a chiropractor, Dr. Dara has made it her goal to help as many women as possible along their journey into motherhood. 


Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic as a Doctor of Chiropractic

Webster Certified 

Certified Babywearing Educator