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Chiropractic Adjustments

Learn about Dr. Dara's personalized approach to chiropractic care. 

CranioSacral Therapy

Learn about CST and how this gentle method can help your family. 

Babywearing Consultations

Learn how babywearing can help you in your parenting journey. 

Chiropractic Care

No part of your body escapes the dominance of your nervous system. Improper function of the spine due to slight misalignments-called subluxations-can cause poor health or function, even in areas far removed from the spine and spinal cord itself. Misalignments can also reduce the ability of your body to adapt to its ever-changing environment. Even the slightest malfunction of your spine may alter the regular transmission of nerve impulses, preventing that portion of your body from responding optimally.

Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct these misalignments and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally. Chiropractic doesn't use drugs or surgery. Rather, a chiropractic spinal adjustment-the application of a precise force to a specific part of the spinal segment-corrects the misalignment, permitting normal nerve transmission and assisting your body to recuperate on its own.

Back pain may be the most common reason patients seek the expertise of a chiropractor, but chiropractic techniques accomplish far more. They help patients with acute or chronic issues, including headaches, neck pain, sciatica and improper function of the nervous system that may result from accidents, injuries, pregnancy and birth complications, and other causes.

Because chiropractic healthcare is holistic care, patients look to chiropractors for general wellness, too. In fact, preventive healthcare is among the fastest growing areas of chiropractic care.

CranioSacral Therapy

CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

By complementing the body's natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction

Babywearing Consultations

Babies are happiest being close to you – just to feel your warmth and the beating of your heart. Parents and their babies today are enjoying the vast benefits of babywearing including being hands free, a calmer and happier baby and enhancing their bond and attachment to name a few. 

To find a parenting tool that helps parents, caregivers, and babies transition to being a family is priceless. As all new parents find, the amount of information and choices about anything baby related can be overwhelming and confusing! At Optimum Wellness Chiropractic, we want you to have the best start to your babywearing journey by providing information and articles and allowing you to try out a variety of quality baby wearing products. After all, you are going to be carrying your most precious cargo!

Babywearing consultations help families find the perfect carrier in an individualised setting with step by step instructions on how to use the carrier of choice safely and with confidence.